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The UP! coach

Luca Grasso, the UP! coach, is fanatic about non-violent communication (NVC) and he was of great support to me in my ongoing journey to connect with my own feelings and needs. It's not an easy thing to do and it takes a lot of practice and determination, but it can have such a huge impact on the way we react in certain triggering situations if we can be mindful of our own internal situation (how we feel and what do we need at that moment). Click here to visit Luca's website. 

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Dear Therapists podcast

Lori and Guy make an amazing team and together, in each episode, they listen, discuss and advise a course of action for each of the guests and their presenting problem. I found most of the topics discussed on this podcast very relatable and I always appreciate the specialist advice for overcoming them. Check them out here, on Apple podcast, or here, on Spotify.

Huberman Lab podcast

Andrew Huberman is a professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University. He also hosts a podcast aimed at discussing in depth health related aspects with experts from the field. Click here to visit the website or listen to one of my favorite episodes below.


The School of Life

Their youtube channel is one of my most watched channels. I love their short animated videos that range from numerous psychology topics, to art or history. You can also follow their website and even register to participate in some of the events they organise.